Matthew Freeman Web Designer & Developer in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

Previously based in Southampton, Hampshire

I have an ever growing passion for web design, and take great pride in creating beautiful, useable websites that aspire to meet clients' requirements. I enjoy designing new projects from the ground up as well as developing and implementing smaller modifications to existing projects. I have a diverse portfolio showcasing design and development work for a multitude of clients.

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I like to think I have a good combination of artistic design talent alongside in depth coding techniques. I believe that this gives me an edge over most developers as their knowledge is limited to front / back end. I have the understanding or ability to grasp an understanding of most web related languages as well as designing concepts and interfaces to serve as a GUI for developed functionality. I have a passion for keeping up with web technologies and am always eager to learn more from peers, communities and research in my field.

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I have a range of experience in using different languages and techniques to create bespoke solutions.



I have a keen eye for design and am a perfectionist when it comes to getting things looking right.


2013 - Present: RLA

Working with RLA, designing and building projects for large clients including Volkswagen, Peugeot and Spire Payments.


2012: DBT

Alongside DBT I assisted in designing and building web applications for pharmaceutical clients such as Pfizer and Centaur.


2009 - 2012: Advantec

I started working as a Web Support Technician and gained promotion to Front End Developer and shortly after; Senior Front End Developer where I headed up a small team of developers.


2007 - 2009: Central Bedfordshire College

I worked as an ILT Intern working on the on a Virtual Learning Environment - Moodle. I studied alongside this job role and obtained a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.


What I'm good at ...

Bespoke Design

I design new websites, applications and system interfaces from the ground up.

Brand & Identity

Branding & Identity

I create identities for companies with logo design, custom colour palettes, font usage and general brand guidelines. Once the brand is established, the design work for the website can start based on the styles and rules set.

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience (UX) Design

Every design I do starts off as a wireframe or sketch, allowing me to define and highlight certain user journeys. The level of depth and detail covered in the UX design process is relative to the size of the project.

User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) Design

Once the UX design is complete I start designing the interface in Photoshop. This allows me to create rich visuals for the client so they can see an accurate portrayal of what the website will look like once built.

Responsive Web Development

I build responsive websites and applications based on signed off designs.



I use HTML5 to create websites that are up to date with modern standards. I also use backward compatible javascript such as modernizr.js to ensure that the website still performs well in older browsers.



Using CSS3 I style interfaces to match designs and keep the website as light-weight as possible. I’m a great believer in graceful degradation so I ensure websites and applications are still visually engaging in older browsers even if there are less rounded corners, shadows and transitions.



Keeping websites dynamic and functional is made possible by javascript. Using the jQuery library I ensure websites have form validation and any number of trigger events for custom functionality across the website.

Server Side Build

I integrate databases and server-side functionality with the UI.



PHP is how I integrate more complicated functionality onto a website. This ranges from simple database manipulation in a CMS (Content Management System) to bespoke login systems and E-commerce.



I use databases to store essential information for the website, for example, login details, page content or online bookings. I use this in partnership with PHP in an LAMP environment.



I use WordPress on a regular basis as a core for public-facing websites. I create bespoke WordPress websites from scratch to meet clients' requirements and avoid any bulky options they do not need.


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