User Experience Design

I am an expert in designing with user experience at the forefront. That means understanding your clients needs and expectations alongside your business goals. It means ensuring the solution that is designed meets those expectations and reaches those goals.

User Stories

I work with user personas and any relevant research accompanied by a set of goals to define user stories. The user stories take on the form of statements that act as a set of requirements for various user types. In some cases and more so on larger projects the user stories can be used to create a functional specification document for developers to build from and clients to sign off functionality against.

User Journeys

The user journey flow diagrams showcase the way a user interacts with the system and outlines the path they take on their journeys. The great thing about these diagrams is they show and help identify pain points in system interactions a user is required to do. They are a great way to challenge the thinking of existing solutions as well as scoping new approaches to new problems.

Defining experiences before designing experiences is a key part of delivering successful experiences.
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Information Architecture & Sitemaps

A key part to delivering websites and applications in intuitive and efficient ways is to have an Information Architecture (IA) that is planned and takes into consideration what a user wants and expects to see where they expect to see it. The output of an IA is usually a complete sitemap structure and top level information around content on each page or section of a website.


I use wireframes to outline a top level overview of the content hierarchy on a page. Wireframes vary in the detail they can go into but generally they will go as in depth as possible during this stage of the project. Generally speaking wireframes usually use sample content unless real content is available. This is probably the best and most realistic approach to wireframing to enhance the project without delaying the turnaround time by waiting for signed off content.


By using the wireframes in tandem with the sitemap I often create a basic prototype for clients to review the flow of a system. This is a good way to highlight any potential issues that may require the wireframes to be restructured slightly or just notes to take through to user interface design or build.

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