Digital design and development services.

Freelance User Experience (UX) Design

I have been doing user-focused designs and builds since the start of my career. I am adept at creating wireframes, user stories and site architectures.

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Freelance User Interface (UI) Design

I love designing and prototying crisp bespoke designs that fulfil not the needs of users but also the requirements of my clients.

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Freelance User Experience Reviews

With my expertise over the years I am in a great position to review pages or sections of websites. I often do this in the form of a UX review.

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Freelance Website Design

I have been designing and building websites since 2009. I enjoy keeping up with the latest trends whilst making highly usable websites.

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Freelance WordPress Developer

I use WordPress to build websites for small to medium size companies. I create highly-customisable themes tailored to precise requirements.

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Freelance Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

I am profficient at carrying out CRO projects which take existing solutions in place and seek to optimise them to enhance engagement and conversions.

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Platforms & Software I love working with

As you'd expect, I work with a lot of different platforms and applications but below are the main three that I am not only highly proficient in but also enjoy using.

I am a

Figma Designer

I have been using Figma since it was in the very early stages of release. I swear by it and use it daily. I use it for designing interfaces, prototyping and keeping track of client feedback.

I am a

WordPress Developer

WordPress is a very popular solution for small to medium websites. I have been making bespoke themes in WordPress for over a decade. I tailor my themes and plugin integrations the needs of each project.

I am a

Craft CMS Developer

An alternative CMS solution to WordPress that I recommend to some clients. The scalability and security of Craft makes it a more attractive solution to WordPress in some cases.

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Whether you have a full brief or you are just thinking about ideas I would love to hear from you to discuss things further.

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