User Interface Design

I enjoy creating clean, efficient user interfaces that support and facilitate key functionality. I firmly believe that user interface design and user experience design work hand in hand to create a rich experience for people using digital platforms.

Creative Design

I create rich creative designs for websites and applications in figma to meet user requirements. The key thing is to work with what is available. In some cases there is a full set of wireframes with documentation but it may also just be a simple brief or set of top level requirements to work towards. I have experience dealing with very prescriptive requirements as well as having to help with the definition during the design phase.

Clean and crisp interfaces with consitent on-brand colours and themed elements are key to creating visual displays that enhance a user experience.
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Style Guides & Design Systems

If the scale of the project is great enough then it may be a good idea to create style guides or even a full design system. By doing one of these we document and illustrate examples of how to use various designed components within interfaces created. This is generally only required on a documented level on larger systems but other incarnations of it can be justified on smaller projects too. Having style guides and design systems are a great way to keep things consistent across multiple systems / websites / pages.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Quite often I will create prototypes in figma using high fidelity creative designs. This allows me to showcase to clients some behaviours or flows between pages or certain interactions. A prime example of this is something like a mega nav functionality and how this might adapt on mobile devices. This is something that is somewhat lost in the prototyping in the user experience design stages as the interface is not rich enough to review in this way at this stage.

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