Website Design

As a freelance web designer who has worked with and for many a web design agency I have experience with website build projects from small simple websites to bespoke large websites or fully integrated ecommerce solutions.

Startups & New Ventures

Quite often I am approached to do new websites from scratch with little or no assets. This can quite often mean that I end up doing some brand design pieces including logo designs, font selections and colour palette definition as part of the design process before designing the actual website. I enjoy working with new companies and brands to help create high quality visual assets and taking them through to clean creative visual concepts for their website.

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Sitemaps & Wireframes

I create sitemaps for brand new websites as well as refining existing website structures into more tailored and refined journeys. This can mean working with research that has been gathered on previous iterations of the website or observing what competitors and industry leaders are doing within certain areas. Every project is different and every client has a different set of requirements and constraints that might mean that at site restructure is not possible or at the very least highly inconvenient so I am always keen to work with stakeholders and understand the limitations before starting work.

A bespoke website that has been well made will almost certainly outperform a website made by a website builder tool.
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Creative Designs

Once I have brand collateral I start creative designs. Creative designs can sometimes be informed by wireframes if a client has specified they want a full user experience design stage to have a more comprehensive and polished product. That said - there are many times I have worked straight into creative designs without wireframes. I will work within the budgets and constraints of a client to ensure that they get the best solution they can have at that time.

Bespoke Website Designs

A common thing these days is to get a basic site made in SquareSpace or similar. There is not a lot wrong with these sorts of systems as you would imagine as they have a considerable amount of funding and support networks around them. They are templated solutions and they will never be bespoke to you. A themed website is just that, a theme that has been adapted to meet your requirements as best as possible. There are limitations. The same goes for WordPress themes that are not created bespokely (I develop all my Wordpress Builds. bespoke for the client so they have a completely tailored website).

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