Freelance WordPress Developer

I have over 10 years experience as a freelance WordPress developer that I have gained by working on a lot of websites during that time. My experience ranges from simple blogs to bespoke systems created for user management and WooCommerce implementations.

WordPress Expert

WordPress is the most common CMS on the planet - but that is not to say that it is the best. It is likely not the best possible choice for a website project in most cases in terms of out of the box functionality but the strength of WordPress and what makes it very flexible is the community and resources behind it. Lots of people have experience building and maintaining websites built in WordPress. There are a whole host of plugins available to enhance the functionality of the system and decent documentation around the system and established plugins too. I enjoy working with WordPress and consider myself an expert given my experiences of building websites in it.

WordPress currently powers about 39.5% of all websites.
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Content Management Made Easy

All the CMS iterations I configure in WordPress give the maximum amount of control to users without allowing them to break pre-configured layouts or components. Generally my client base is comfortable in using WordPress (and some have experience of it already) but it can still be easy to break a layout of a page if too much control is given. For that reason I create tailor-made content blocks that directly correlate with the designs. (Note that by limiting the control I am not limiting functionality for my clients. It is always tailored to their needs.)

Bespoke Theme Design

Every website I build in WordPress is a bespoke theme for that client. It is created based on the requirements outlined in the brief, scoping meetings and the signed off website designs. Creating the themes in this way instead of using a site-builder theme such as Divi allows me to keep the solution lightweight with a key focus on performance. Performance is a key driver in successful ranking in Google and is equally important in user experience for people using your website who won't stick around to wait for long load times.

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