Conversion Rate Optimisation

I enjoy making websites work in the best possible way for clients. Generally the industry has welcomed websites and interfaces as more of a continually growing project than a transactional one and done piece of work. To make the website the best it can be it should be tested and refined constantly to enhance experiences for users and conversions.

Forming Testing Hypotheses

The first point of call in any CRO project is defining the tests that should be run. This is often made a lot clearer when done as part of a UX Review. The review often informs a good deal of what can be improved and tested on a website although there may be cases where a client wants to test a particular idea outside of the recommendations. I create a set of testing hypotheses and estimate on a traffic light system their impact and also the effort required to set up the test. This essentially highlights what should be some ‘quick wins’ in terms of improvements.

A/B Testing

This is a type of testing allowing you to test variations of an interface or behaviour on a page against alternative solutions. It can have multiple test cases (i.e. a, b, c, d, etc.) but the idea is to test controlled components against one another to correctly attribute what is and is not working well within current solutions. Tests can be content based, interface based or even functionality based. As much as possible it is key to not mix these types of tests to ensure that the results of the test are clear to pinpoint, understand and refine into further tests or a final decision. Tests are run for an adequate amount of time to see a fair result based on an audience split.

A/B testing is a great way to refine a website based on real users using your system.

When to do CRO?

Ultimately there is no wrong time to do A/B testing on a website as you are learning from testing directly with your live audience. Some people prefer to use CRO to make decisions on key pages that inform a new design and build of a website whereas others prefer to do it on a relatively new website or at least one they have no intention of replacing to further enhance a particular goal. CRO can be used in a variety of ways to support the direction you want to move in but ultimately it can be used whenever you want to increase conversions on your website or address areas that are underperforming.

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