User Experience Reviews

If you have an underperforming website or application a great way to understand the causes of this is to get a UX review that gives an overview of potential issues and highlights some possible fixes without getting a whole new website design. The key thing with a review is it hightlights things that are working well and things that can be improved. They are a great way to inform change on a website or interface.

Comprehensive Report

As part of this piece of work I review any existing solutions in place and make observations about problems and limitations I observe. In talks with stakeholders I will get a top level picture of the website and company before doing this and ideally outline some key tasks and areas to review. I try and discover pain points in the experiences myself instead of hearing from stakeholders about them. Often being told about potential issues can distort the outcome of the report.

Informing Test Criteria

As part of the report I often make suggestions of improvements that can be made to a website. In instances where the improvements are believed to be key I will create visual concepts of approaches using high-fidelity interface designs alongside annotations that explain the improvement and why I think it will be a good idea for a test. This can then be treated as a Conversion Rate Optimisation project to implement various ideas via A/B testing.

The days of build and forget at largely over. Continual refinement and learning from the results of tests are key to making a website as successful as it can be.
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Further Testing & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

One of the main services this goes hand in hand with is Conversion Rate Optimisation. As part of the critique and suggested improvements I can create a hypothesis sheet that can inform a testing script for A/B tests outlining a priority list based on proposed impact.

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